Aclam' Tidy Cables Pack: Pedalboard Cable Management Solution


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If you need a guitar cable organizer for your pedalboard, the tidy cables pack will delight you. Versatile and Easy to configure. Keep the cables hidden!


The grooves on Aclam’s pedalboards are more than just spaces where the fasteners slide and fasten. These gaps can be used to manage your cabling across the board.


Made of polypropylene, this pack includes five units of Tidy Cables SE and five units of Tidy Cables Duo, so you can cover your wiring needs from any angle; while the first option allows clipping cables horizontally, the latter will hold cables in a vertical manner as well as horizontally.

With its design it will easily clip on the pedalboard as many times as needed, giving the neat look a pro pedalboard must have.

Keep your effects pedals chain clear to detect any connection issue that may arise; no more untangling meters of cable mess with this guitar cable organizer.

These clips are like staples which are attached by applying small pressure, same as for removal, and can slide along the groove to find the perfect spot. Avoid using zip ties you will have to break each time you re-think your layout; a pedalboard rarely remains untouched for that long.


Organizing cables won’t give you a better tone, but will make your pedalboard look great, even with a top routing configuration the neat layout you will attain will make the passthrough options less efficient; try to detect a wiring issue underneath a fully loaded pedalboard with all the tangled cables hanging from the bottom. By the way, on our free routing models you can use any of Aclam’s guitar cable organizer options to attack cables using the grooves underneath the board.

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