Aclam' Universal Power Supply Support (up to 5.7 cm)


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Stop wasting the precious available space on your Aclam pedalboard. The Universal Power Supply Support Simple delivers exactly what you would expect, a plain support for your pedal power. Leave your preferred source of energy working in the shadows, allowing your effects pedals to be protagonists on the board.      


This universal power supply support simple will hold more or less any pedal power device you can name. 

This support isn’t compatible with XS1 pedalboards by default, as this Aclam pedalboard doesn’t include adjustable feet so it remains flat on the ground.


It is no secret that Aclam’s pedalboards have been designed to take advantage of the grooves carved on the aluminum track. Assemble or remove it with ease from underneath the board as many times as necessary.

The universal power supply support simple won’t affect any other smart accessory you may be using, allowing the use of other accessories such as tierscases and other pedal power supply supports


Made of stainless steel and aluminum, this pedal power support will hold your favorite pedal power supply sturdily. If you need extra protection have a look at our bulletproof Power Supply Support Universal

The anti-slip pads will prevent the pedal power from slipping off the universal power supply support simple, assuring it all stays in place.

Combine this accessory with Tidy Cables Duo to manage the wiring from your pedal power across the pedalboard.    

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