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Sometimes, especially on a crowded pedalboard layout, you might find it difficult to press the footswitch of a particular pedal without involuntarily activating some of its neighbors’. With Aclam’s pedalboard tier extension, the Upper, you will customize your Aclam pedalboard with an elevated second row of effects pedals.  


Not only can Aclam’s pedalboards extend in size, but also can grow upwards. Elevate the furthest track of your Aclam Smart®, Evo® or Hybrid® Track; whether it’s Top Routing or Free Routing, doesn’t matter, the Upper will raise the track by 3cm.


Aclam’s pedalboard tier extension includes a one-track anodized aluminum side guide and four stainless steel spacers. You will just have to remove the track from the pedalboard you already own, install the spacers were the track was being attached to the side guides and fasten the track, with the short side guides already installed, on the spacers. 


Aclam’s Upper accessory has proven very versatile for different reasons. Whereas its inception was intended exclusively as a pedalboard tier extension, it has ended up having extra functionalities that have proven quite useful:

Enhanced cable managing thanks to the 0,6cm gap between the bottom and top tracks. The Upper allows cabling through this newly created gap, increasing routing options for your custom pedalboard setup. Combine it with our cable management accessories such as Tidy Cables or Tidy Cables Duo to take full advantage of this accessory.

Pedalboard size reduction. Imagine you have a two-tracked pedalboard full of pedals, but you need a simpler setup for other less effect driven performances. With Aclam’s Upper you can take advantage of the short side guides included and the existent adjustable feet and rubber feet you own to assemble a one-tracked board. Downsize XS2, S2 or L2 pedalboard models to XS1, S1 and L1 respectively. 


Aclam’s pedalboard tier extension is compatible with any two-tracked pedalboard in Aclam’s catalogue and was designed to fit the pedalboard’s respective softcase and hardcase.

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