AKG WMS40 Mini 2 Pro Plug & Play Wireless System (used)

Article number: WMS40MINIII
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The WMS40 Mini Dual Vocal Set is a true plug’n’play wireless solution. Each of the two included HT40 Mini handheld transmitter features a dynamic cardioid capsule for maximum gain before feedback. Their extremely long battery life of 30 hours off a single AA battery saves money in day-to-day use. The receiver offers two balanced outputs via 1/4" jack connectors.

  • Original box included.
  • Incluedes 2 Handheld Dynamic Microphones, a receiver, instrument cable, 1/4in splitter, and power adapter.
  • Has light wear from being played.
  • More information and pictures available upon request.
  • Sold As-Is.  Ask questions before purchase.
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