Black TUSQ XL Slotted Nut 6-String R 7.25"


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If you have a Fender guitar or re-issue from the 1950's-60's or 70's, this is your nut! A 7.25" radius, work with a curved or flat bottom and permanently lubricated for great tuning stability.  It works in both a flat bottom or curved bottom nut slot due to its ingenious design, just sand off the tab for a curved bottom.

It is pre-slotted to make for a quick and easy install.


For just about all Fender electric guitars made in the 1950’s, 60’ and 70’s… that’s a lot!

The 7.25” fingerboard radius originated in the early 1950s and was used for most Fender electric instruments until the 1980s. In the 80's it was changed to a slightly flatter 9.5" radius. 


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