Cool Ultra-Sand SR Series 0.80mm 6 Pack

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Ultra-Sand Studio & Recording


Made just like our popular original Ultra-Cool SR series but with a fine sand textured coating instead of our nubby rubberized grip found on the original ULTRA SR series.

This new material offers the buttery feel of a nylon pick with a super crisp attack exceeding that of celluloid. This style has a slightly warmer sound then the original ultra-cool SR series line.
Clean & True to your guitar’s own tone. Hear & feel it for yourself.

Harmonically resonant micro-fiber technology is the key. It sounds like titanium, glass or similar resonant material!

In addition to this ULTRA-SAND COOL pick feeling and sounding great
We have used our patented AGT (APPLIED GRIP TECHNOLOGY) to help keep the pick in your hand comfortably. A super fine powdered sand textured accu-grip has been added to ensure a Positive grip on this AWESOME, CUTTING EDGE PICK.

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