ddrum Reflex RSL Wine Red Satin Drum Kit

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ddrum Reflex RSL w/ Hardware - Wine Red Satin - Cymbals Not Included

REFLEX RSL - WINE RED SATIN - SHELL PACK The Reflex RSL series takes alder into different territory with lacquered satin finishes, paired with sizes that split the difference between power and traditional. Each drum in a set was meticulously chosen for optimum tone from drum to drum. Taking alder's rich, dark tone, and ramping up the intensity of this amazing wood. Reflex RSL are perfect for the drummer that needs to cover all the bases, in several styles of music. Never obtrusive, but always unforgettable. The Reflex series, a sound decision.

Item IDREFLEX RSL 22 5 PC WRSFinishSatin Wine Red LacquerProduct Details
  • 8x10 Rack tom
  • 9x12 Rack tom
  • 16x16 Floor tom
  • 5.5x14 Snare drum
  • 18x22 Bass drum
  • Shell pack only. Stands and cymbals sold separately
  • Wood Configuration100% AlderLug TypeFace Off Black Powder CoatedHoop Spec2.3 mm Black Powder CoatedPlys Tom6Plys Bass Drum8Plys Snare Drum8Bearing Edge Spec45 degreeSuspension Mount TypeFixpitch MountSpecs (Other)
  • Includes two tom arms with integrated clamp.
  • Features Resolifts on the bass drum.
  • Features Fixpitch mounting system.

  • RX SERIES HARDWARE PACK When your gig requires performance night after night, RX series hardware is the answer - at an economy price!

    RX combines consistent performance, sleek design and rugged durability. Regardless of the style of music you play, RX series hardware will stand up to whatever you unleash!

    Item IDRXHPProduct Details-RX hardware pack includes the following
    1- RXHH - 3- legged Hi hat stand
    1-RXSS- Snare drum stand
    1-RXP- Bass drum pedal
    1-RXB3- Boom cymbal stand
    1-RXCS- Straight cymbal stand

    RX SERIES THRONE SWIVEL ADJUSTMENT Light weight throne from ddrum's RX series. Great for the drummer with limited space and budget. Features a spiral base for rotating height adjustment. The sturdiest option in the RX line.

    Item IDRXDT2Product Details
  • 280 mm thick round top seat
  • Adjustable height range from 19" to 24"
  • rotating center post for height adjustment
  • double braced
  • 28.6 mm bottom tube.

  • Cymbals Not Included

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