DigiTech The Drop - Polyphonic Drop Tune Pedal

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Polyphonic Drop Tune Pedal

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The DigiTech® Drop is a dedicated polyphonic drop tune pedal that allows you to drop your tuning from one semitone all the way down to a full octave. Get down-tuned chunk without having to change guitars! The Drop also features a momentary/latching switch. With the switch set to momentary, you can turn the Drop into a true performance pedal. Fast trills and roller-coaster pitch dips are at the tip of your toes.

General Specifications

Input:  1/4" Unbalanced (Tip-Sleeve)

Output:  1/4" Unbalanced (Tip-Sleeve)

Controls:  Amount, Momentary On/Off

A/D/A Converter:  24-bit

Sampling Rate:  44.1 kHz

Power Supply:  PS0913DC-01 (US, JA); PS0913DC-02 (EU, AU, UK)

Drop Tune Range:  1-7 Semitones Down, Octave Down, Octave Down + Dry


Length:  4.75"

Width:  2.875"

Height:  1.75"

Weight:  0.36 lbs.

What's in the Box

  • 1 x Drop Polyphonic Drop Tune Pedal
  • 1 x PS0913DC Power Supply
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