Dr. Duck's Dial A Guitar Chord/Progression

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Dr. Ducks "Dial a Guitar Chord" Chord Wheel

Ok.. it's a standard 12 bar in "G" but add a 2 on the bridge ...kick it off from the 5 ... hit the 4 on the way down and then into the 1 ... watch me for the 2 ... Say What !! ... and the place is packed wall to wall with rowdy music fans ... and the management is starting to get real impatient .. and the leader of the band is starting to get edged too ... now is not the time to stand there and blink with your mouth open ... gloss over gawking at the audience, start to choke and then meek out asking what do you mean ?? ... Fear Not !! ... Aren't you glad you use the dial ? ... Don't you wish everybody did ...

The "Dial A Guitar Chord · Dial A Progression" consists of two cardstock circles - 8 inches across with a grommet in the middle so that the circles spin around ... the top circle has multiple windows that show you how to make every guitar chord - in all 12 keys at the first position - including the 7th.'s ... they line up to show you which chords go together in each key progression and are "Color-CODED"with the Nashville # System designations in everybody's favorite colors.

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