Dr. Duck's Nashville Number System Dial-A-Chord

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The "Nashville Number System Dial A Chord" consists of two cardstock circles - 8 inches across with a grommet in the middle so that the circles spin around ... the top circle has multiple windows that show you how to make every guitar chord at the first position including the 7th.'s in all 12 keys ... they line up to show you which chords go together in each key progression and are "Color-CODED"with the Nashville # System designations with everybody's favorite colors.

Also on the front is the "Color-CODED Quick Check Reference Grid" of the Nashville Number System which goes up to "The 9"... (the 1 is red, the 2 is orange, the 3 is yellow, the 4 is green, etc.)...

On the back ... a full explanation of the "Nashville # System" along with how to make the minor guitar chords and shows the "Natural Qualities" of the chords (major or minor).

It also shows you how many sharps or flats are in each key signature, the names of the diatonic scale degrees (tonic, dominant, mediant, etc.), the Solfa names of the scale positions (the do, re, mi's,)

No music reading is necessary to use "The Nashville Number System Dial A Chord"

GREAT ! ... for all those who do not have time for a regular diet of guitar lessons as well as the graduates from the "guitar video games" who want to start playing guitar ... and anyone else who wants an instant reference on how to make every guitar chord in all 12 keys at the first position and a Color-CODED quick reference and a detailed explanation of the Nashville Number System.

So ... if you're ever unsure which chords sound best with each other in the key of "Eb" ... just dial up "Eb" and the "Nashville Number System Dial A Chord" will show you which chords go with the key of "Eb", the diagrams show you how to make those chords and which numbers in the Nashville # System the chords are called - (the 1, 2, 4, 5 etc.).

* 8" in diameter printed in full Color on 16 point recycled card stock and UV plastic coated. - bar coded for retail scanners - Made in the USA -

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