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Essentials for Strings is an excellent systematic and comprehensive approach to technical development for use by full string orchestras, string ensembles, and individual string players.

Features include: RHYTHM Teaches a consistent counting system. Develops excellent sight-reading skills. Shows note relationships via graphic "rhythm boxes." Provides 18 pages of bowed rhythm studies. TECHNIQUE Scales, Arpeggios, and Broken Thirds in one, two, and three octaves, in every major and minor key. All studies are fingered for each instrument.


Gives rhythmic variations for all exercises. BOWING Clearly explains eight basic bowing styles. Suggests countless bowing possibilities. INTONATION Offers step-by-step procedures for developing perfect intonation. Includes tuning recommendations for all strings. Includes 5 four-part chorales to develop group intonation.

Edition Number    74CO
Number of pages    56
13-digit ISBN Number    9780849732041
10-digit ISBN Number    849732042
Publication Date    09/23/1985
Media Type    Music Books
Instrument    Cello
Repertoire    Collections/Series
Series    Essentials For Strings

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