Fender Stratocaster FSR 2002 USA Special Edition Butterscotch Blonde (used)


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RARE Fender Stratocaster FSR 2002 USA Special Edition Butterscotch Blonde   


The Fender FSR AIMM AS Strat MN BTB is a limited-edition electric guitar that combines classic Fender Stratocaster aesthetics with modern features, resulting in a versatile and eye-catching instrument.

Classic Stratocaster Design: At its core, this guitar embraces the iconic Stratocaster design that has been a favorite among musicians for decades. It features the familiar double-cutaway body shape made from high-quality alder wood, known for its balanced tonal characteristics and comfortable playability.

Versatile Pickup Configuration: The Fender FSR AIMM AS Strat MN BTB is equipped with a versatile pickup configuration. It features three single-coil pickups that capture the classic Stratocaster sound with crisp, bell-like tones and plenty of sustain. The five-way pickup selector switch allows you to access a wide range of tones, from the clear and chimey neck pickup to the biting bridge pickup and all the in-between positions for various sonic possibilities.

Maple Neck and Fingerboard: The maple neck and fingerboard contribute to the guitar's bright and articulate tone while providing smooth playability. The modern "C"-shaped neck profile ensures a comfortable grip and facilitates easy access to the higher frets, making it a great choice for lead guitarists and rhythm players alike.

Enhanced Playability: This Stratocaster features 22 medium-jumbo frets, which offer a balance between vintage and modern playing styles. The combination of a synthetic bone nut and vintage-style synchronized tremolo bridge system ensures stable tuning and excellent sustain, perfect for expressive playing techniques like string bends and vibrato.

Limited-Edition Appeal: As an FSR (Factory Special Run) model, this guitar offers something unique and collectible for players who appreciate limited-edition instruments. It's not your everyday Stratocaster, making it a prized addition to any guitar collection.

The Fender FSR AIMM AS Strat MN BTB is not just a visually stunning guitar; it's a versatile instrument that can cover a wide range of musical styles, from blues and rock to funk and beyond. Whether you're a professional musician or a dedicated enthusiast, this limited-edition beauty promises a unique playing experience and a touch of classic Fender magic in your hands. Don't miss out on the opportunity to own this exceptional FSR Stratocaster.

  • May have light scratches/marks from being played.
  • Nut and Saddles have been upgraded to Black Tusq.
  • End of fingerboard has has a split that has been repaired solid.  Nothing major or structural.
  • Comes with Tweed case.  (has some sharpie marks and scratches on the outside)
  • Sold AS-IS.  Please ask questions before purchase.
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