Guitar Moose StickyGrip Classic Light 0.50mm

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CLASSIC: a durable, yet crisp sounding pick material make this your first stop to increasing both your grip, and your tone.


StickyGrip Guitar Pick:The guitar pick that started a revolution! Guitar picks with grip! Each guitar pick is handmade in Minnesota, USA. These handmade guitar picks are unlike any other pick you have ever played. The foam grip on each side of the guitar pick "sticks" to your fingers and hand while playing. These guitar picks will solve the slippery guitar pick that twists and moves around when your hands get sweaty. The grip is very soft and comfortable, which will lessen the pressure used to hold the pick. By relaxing your hand while playing, you will be able to play for longer periods of time. Our picks are great for the absolute beginner to the most experienced of professionals. They are truly the ONLY non-slip guitar picks on the market. 


*Handmade in the USA

*Innovative and Ergonomic Grip 

*Used by Touring Pros and Average Joes  

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