Ibanez AW5412CE Artwood 12-String Open Pore Natural

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body shape    Dreadnought body
top    Solid Okoume top
back & sides    Okoume back & Okoume sides
neck    AWNyatoh neck
fretboard    Ovangkol fretboard
bridge    Ovangkol bridge
inlay    White dot inlay
soundhole rosette    Black & White multi
tuning machine    Chrome Die-cast tuners(18:1 gear ratio)
number of frets    20
bridge pins    Ibanez Advantage™
strings    D'Addario® XTAPB1047-12
string gauge    .010/.010/.014/.014/.023/.008/.030/.012/.039/.018/.047/.027
string space    11mm
factory tuning    1E,2B,3G,4D,5A,6E
pickup    Ibanez T-bar Undersaddle
preamp    Ibanez AEQ-TP2 preamp w/Onboard tuner
output jack    Balanced XLR & 1/4" outputs

Scale:    651mm
Width    48mm at NUT
Width    60mm at 14F
Thickness    22mm at 1F
Thickness    23mm at 7F
Radius:    400mmR

Length    20 "
Width    15 3/4"
Max Depth    5 "


Ibanez AEQ-TP2 preamp w/Onboard tuner
The Ibanez AEQ-TP2 preamp provides the extra punch of on-board EQ along with a convenient and easy-to-read digital tuner and 2-band EQ, located on the instrument’s upper bout.

Nyatoh neck
The Nyatoh neck provides a rich mid-low end.

Ovangkol fretboard
The Ovangkol fretboard provides greater playing comfort.

Okoume back and sides
The Okoume back and sides generate a woody, warm tone when the guitar is played softly or finger-picked and provide punchy high-mids with a clear projection when strummed.

Ovangkol bridge
The Ovangkol bridge transfers string vibration directly to the body, delivering a natural and warm tone.

Ibanez T-bar Undersaddle pickup
The Ibanez T-bar Undersaddle pickup accurately translates that full sound to whatever amplification system you plug it into.

Ibanez Advantage™ bridge pins
These pins really are an advantage over old-fashioned pins. Advantage™ pins are easier to take out and easier to put in than standard pins. A special bulb-shaped end makes the pin easy to grip and also prevents the pin from being pushed in too far. Best of all, with Advantage™ the pin and string stay put.

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