J.N Cask Acoustic Cigar Box Guitar

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Acoustic Cigar Box Guitar with 4 strings, spruce top, Cask series

- Top: Spruce
- Back and sides: Spruce
- Neck: Mahogany, with truss rod 
- Fingerboard: Blackwood, with ABS inlays 
- Scale length : 600 mm (23.6") 
- Nut width: 34 mm (1.34") 
- Bridge: Blackwood
- Nut and saddle: ABS
- Soundhole: Ace of spades
- Machine heads: Diecast, nickel with chrome knobs
- Colour: Cask burst
- Finish: Open pore
- Included: Bag
- Tuning: Delivered in D-G-B-E (like the 4 highest strings of a six-string guitar), alternate tunings, such as G-D-G-B, are possible

FIRKIN is the first model of our CASK series. This acoustic Cigar Box Guitar stands out for its ace of spade shaped sound hole and will surprise you with its power and reactivity. It is also the ideal travel companion.

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