Kluson Vintage Steel Block Tremolo Bridge w/Contemporary Narrow Spacing

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Kluson® Vintage Steel Block Tremolo Bridge With Contemporary Narrow Spacing

This new version of the Kluson® Vintage Steel Block Tremolo Bridge is a beautiful replica of the traditional vintage tremolo, but with a modern twist. Kluson® has modernized the bridge by incorporating a contemporary 10.8 mm string spacing while still using the original 2 7/32 inch 6-screw mounting hole pattern. This direct replacement for vintage Fender® tremolos requires no additional modification to install and easily converts wide-spaced (11.3 mm) vintage guitars to contemporary narrow (10.8 mm) string spacing. The tremolo bridge kit includes new Kluson® embossed stamped steel saddles plated to match the bridge, a machined solid steel sustain block, all mounting hardware, tremolo arm with tip, mounting screws, claw and springs.

  • String Spacing E to E = 2 1/8 in. (54mm)
  • Individual String Spacing = 27/64 in. (10.8mm)
  • Mounting Hole Spacing Ctr to Ctr = 2 7/32 in. (56.5mm)
  • Block Material = Steel
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