MuzicLight Gutiar/Bass Wall Hanger White LED

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MuzicLight Gutiar/Bass Wall Hanger WHITE

The heavenly glow featured with our most popular White MuzicLight will cause you to wonder if your instrument was actually angelically manufactured. Although we have not figured out the logistics required to provide a release of flying doves when you enter a room featuring the White MuzicLight, the White MuzicLight still tends to transcend the same effect. The crystal white rays that shine from your beloved instrument's headstock while resting in our bracket resemble that of a sunset through the clouds over the Pacific Ocean. It is truly just that magnificent. Isn't it time that your instrument's place of rest inspires you?

  • Features
    • Safely holds up to 30 pounds
    • On/Off Switch 
    • Hardware kit included
    • AA Batteries included
    • Over 100 hours of battery life before dimming
    • No Exposed Hardware
    • New backplate design with easy access to the battery compartment
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