Promark Rebound 7A Firegrain Acorn Tip Drumstick

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Rebound 7A Firegrain Acorn Tip Drumstick

ProMark's most durable Rebound 7A. FireGrain is a patented heat-tempering process that transforms ordinary hickory drumsticks into precision tools with unprecedented durability. Whlie keeping their original weight and balance, ProMark FireGrain sticks allow drumers to hit harder and play longer, naturally. No excess vibration, no space age gimmicks, just natural hickory hardened by flame.

  • Diameter - .535" / 13.6mm
  • Length - 16" / 406.4mm
  • The reinvented Acorn tip provides a larger sweet-spot to increase responsiveness and articulation.
  • The ProMatch process ensures unrivaled consisitency of weight and pitch from stick to stick, and pair to pair
  • All Promark drumsticks are designed, engineered, and manufactured in the USA
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