Samson 3 way Stereo/Mono Crossover


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Product Description

Experience unparalleled audio control with the Samson 3-Way Stereo/Mono Crossover. Designed to optimize sound distribution and clarity, this versatile crossover is a must-have for audio enthusiasts, DJs, and sound engineers seeking to achieve the perfect balance in their setups.

Harness the power of precise frequency management with the Samson 3-Way Stereo/Mono Crossover's three distinct operating modes: stereo 2-way, 3-way, and mono 4-way. With its adjustable crossover frequencies and slope rates, you can tailor your sound to match any venue or sound system, ensuring a seamless transition between frequencies. The built-in LED indicators provide real-time feedback, making setup and adjustments a breeze. Whether you're looking to separate frequencies for subwoofers, midrange speakers, or high-frequency drivers, this crossover empowers you to sculpt your audio landscape with precision. Elevate your sound to new heights of clarity and definition with the Samson 3-Way Stereo/Mono Crossover – the ultimate tool for achieving an unparalleled audio experience.


  • Has light wear and scratches from being played.
  • More information and pictures available on request.
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