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1 Custom Built Guitars
1.1 How much does a custom built guitar cost?

All our custom built guitars start at $1500.  The price may increase due to the quality of woods, hardware, and increased labor costs for elaborate decoration and design time.

1.2 What styles of guitars do you build?

Currently we not building archtop or carved top guitars such as Les Type guitars.  We are building slab type bodies with mainly bold on necks.  We hope to be building LP style guitars in the near future.

We have built all types of guitars such as Telecasters, Stratocasters, Precision Bass, Jazz Bass, PJ Bass, and MusicMan just to name a few.  We can even do custom shape bodies and headstocks!

1.3 Do you build acoustic guitars?

No, we are currently only building electric guitars and basses.

1.4 What type of finish do you use?

We spray nitrocellulose lacquer for all our finishes.  It's easy to spray and is able to be repaired easily if needed.

1.5 What type of woods do you use?

We use all types and species of woods from various suppliers around the country.  It really up to you!  One of our favorites now is the tempered woods.  Tempering (also known as torrified, cooked, and roasted) is a processes of removing moisture from the wood that changes the cell structures resulting in a very lightweight and responsive piece of wood while giving it a VERY beautiful caramel color!

1.6 Do you give classes on building guitars?

We do not give classes, courses or instructions on how to build guitars at this time.  But we are always glad to answer and questions you may have about any of the processes involved.