Seymour Duncan 60s "Jive" for Jazz Bass-Bridge (used)

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Seymour Duncan 60s "Jive" for Jazz Bass Bridge 1044-06 (used)

Period correct late 60s Jazz Bass repros that add a hint of point to the attack.


Built around the next phase of Jazz bass pickups from the mid-60s, the Antiquity II Jive for Jazz Bass are perfect for the player looking for the ability to keep their tone smooth and clear, yet retains mid-range punch when needed. These are great recording pickups for that very reason.

These vintage correct pickups are hand made in our Custom Shop, and use hand ground calibrated Alnico 5 rod magnets, late 60s era gray flatwork, cloth pushback hookup wire, and are lacquered and wax potted like the originals.


Bridge Specs:

  • DC Ohms: 8.55K (written by hand by the tester)
  • Pickup Cover Length: 3.715 bridge
  • Inductance: 4.25 henries
  • magnet polarity: South Bridge
  • Q: 2.6 Bridge


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