Stage Right SB12 50-watt All Tube 2-channel 1x12 Guitar Amp Combo (used)

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SB12 50‑watt All Tube 2‑channel 1x12 Guitar Amp ComboAll Tube Power. Exceptional Tone. Unmatched Value.

With their latest SB head and combo amps, Stage Right™ builds on their reputation for exceptional sounding, affordable tube guitar amplifiers. Delivering 50 watts of 6L6‑driven, all tube power, SB amps are true 2‑channel amps that create perfect cleans, as well as organic, classic, high gain tone. These are real, professional tube guitar amplifiers that are versatile enough for both demanding amateur players, as well as working musicians.

  • 50‑watt amps using two 6L6 tubes
  • 2‑channel design with independent volume and EQ
  • Effects loop
  • Professional build quality


Known as some of the most versatile and well‑balanced power tubes available, 6L6s deliver a tight midrange, big punchy lows, and a chimey top end. These tubes, the same used in some of the most iconic American guitar amplifiers of the 20th century, are what drive the 50 watts of output power on Stage Right™ SB amps. Equipped with independent channel volume controls and a master volume, Stage Right SB amps are capable of producing pristine cleans and high‑gain metal tones, all with ample headroom.


Unlike most other 2‑channel amps, which share channel EQ and volume, Stage Right™ SB tube amps feature independent controls that allow you to dial in exact clean and distorted tones, without any compromise. A bright switch on the clean channel provides an extra level of available sparkle when needed. Two inputs, Low and High, round out a plethora of possibilities that make SB amps truly versatile above their class.


On top of power, tone, and independent channel controls, SB amps feature onboard reverb, as well as an effects loop for external effects units. No other amp in its class comes close to the spec, power, and affordability that Stage Right™ SB tube guitar amplifiers deliver. Choose the head and match it with the Stage Right SB 2x12 cabinet, with two Celestion® V30 drivers, or the amp combo, with a single 12" Celestion Seventy 80 speaker.


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