The SwirlyGig II Drink Holder for 1 inch. Tubing -Black Accessory

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The SwirlyGig II drink or cup holder is intended for use on 1 inch tubing. It holds most common beverage containers. Use it for cans, glasses, water and beer bottles, or as a place to hold other items like remote controls, phones, capos, harmonicas, reeds, pencils and picks. The inside of the basket is 3 inches x 4 inches on the black version, and 3 1/8 inches x 4 inches on the silver version. It is remarkably simple to use, it has no moving parts, nothing to adjust or wear out. It was designed to fit on 1-inch tubing (which is about the size of a quarter) and fits snuggly, using only friction and gravity, on a standard music stand. The SwirlyGig II drink holder is made of resilient spring steel, then coated in protective PVC for grip and durability. The SwirlyGig II drink holder also works great on lawn chairs, ice houses, crutches, lamps or any vertical 1-inch tubing.

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