Tosh Model PA8250 500 Watt Powered Mixer (Used)


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Product Description

Step into the past with the Tosh Model PA8250 500 Watt Powered Mixer. This piece of history mixes and boosts sound, bringing together old-school looks and strong performance for an awesome sound experience that's both old-fashioned and modern.

This thing pumps out 500 watts of power, making your sound loud and clear. You can tweak the sound for different things like microphones and instruments using the controls on each part. The old-school design looks cool and fits with today's stuff too. If you're into old audio gear, live shows, or just want some vintage vibes in your music, the Tosh Model PA8250 500 Watt Powered Mixer is like a cool piece of history that makes your sound journey more fun.


  • Has light wear and scratches from being played.
  • More information and pictures available on request.
  • Sold As-Is.  Ask questions before purchase.
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