Watch & Learn Drum Primer Deluxe Edition

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The Drum Primer with DVD by Tim Wimer is the designed for the beginning drummer. Starting on the snare drum, it concentrates on stick control, counting and playing rhythms, and correct technique. You will then move to the full drum kit and learn several rhythm patterns, fills, and how to play five songs along with a full band. This course also features a complete section on assembling and tuning the drum kit, complete with photos illustrating each step.

  • Parts of the Drum
  • Proper Playing Position
  • Rudiments
  • Paradiddles
  • Different Rhythms
  • Reading Notation
  • Assembling the Drum Set
  • Beats
  • Fills
  • Many photographs and diagrams to illustrate left and right hand technique.
  • Music written in both tablature and standard music notation.
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