Watch & Learn Intro to Blues Guitar

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The Introduction to Blues Guitar Book with Online Video and Audio Access by Peter Vogl is a beginning to intermediate course that will teach you the essential concepts of rhythm and soloing for blues guitar. We’ll start by learning chords and strum patterns to play over several distinct rhythms and progressions (slow, shuffle, swing, minor). Peter will also cover the 12-bar blues form and show you a series of turnarounds. From there, we’ll move on to soloing in the key of E before moving on to other keys. You’ll learn how to play, understand, and use a series of scales. Finally, Peter will provide detailed instruction on playing 7 different beginner solos. Each of the solos will show you how to add techniques and phrasing to your lead playing. This course also includes online access to video lessons and audio jam tracks so you can practice each exercise, song, and solo in context.

  • Blues Chords
  • Down & Dirty Blues
  • Blues Shuffle
  • Swing Blues
  • Minor Blues
  • Old School Blues Shuffle
  • Blues Turnarounds
  • Blues Endings
  • Em Pentatonic Scale
  • Using the Scale to Solo
  • Slides
  • Hammer-Ons
  • Pull-Offs
  • Vibrato
  • E Blues Scale
  • Chord Tones
  • Blues in G
  • Gm Pentatonic Scale
  • G Blues Scale
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