Yamaha FG-300 FG-350 Replica Pickguard

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Yamaha FG-300 Replica Pickguard

These pickguards are hand-made by us. Size, design and specs are taken from an original FG-300 and FG-350 pickguard. Color design is laser printed in full multi-color, very durable, and resistant to scratching. This is an excellent piece to use for the restoration of the FG-300 and FG-350 with the deteriorating pickguards.

Thickness:  .070" (1.778mm)

Tort material varies in each piece.
These are NOT self adhesive.  You will need to glue them down with a good quality wood glue such at Tightbond II and clamps.

This is a stock item. You will NOT get the exact one pictured as tort material varied piece to piece.

Please ask any and all questions before ordering.

| Benjamin

It’s a great purchase if you’re wanting the closest pick guard to the original. Very slight differences in the paint but also beautiful and much more sturdy. Money well spent when repairing a sentimental FG-300.

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