Zildjian 70's 20" Thin Ride Cymbal (Used)


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Step back in time and embrace the soulful resonance of this vintage 1970's Zildjian Ride Cymbal. This timeless piece of musical history captures the essence of an era known for its distinct sound and creative spirit. Crafted with meticulous artistry and infused with decades of musical character, this cymbal offers a warm and rich tonal palette that embodies the essence of classic rock, jazz, and other genres from that unforgettable era.

The vintage 1970's Zildjian Ride Cymbal exudes a unique charisma that transports you to a musical landscape of the past. With its aged patina and well-worn surface, it carries the stories of countless performances and jam sessions. The smooth, buttery stick response and controlled wash evoke the soulful vibe of the '70s, providing a window into the soundscapes that defined that time. Whether you're a collector, a connoisseur of vintage sound, or a musician seeking to infuse your music with a touch of nostalgia, this cymbal resonates with the spirit of an era long gone, adding an authentic and magical dimension to your drumming experience.


  • Has light wear and scratches from being played.
  • Small Keyhole, but still functional
  • Tested and fully functional.
  • More information and pictures available on request.
  • Sold As-Is.  Ask questions before purchase.
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