Zoom MultiTrak Recording Studio (used)

Article number: MRS-802B
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“The MRS-802B provides all the functionality you need for professional music production: hard disk recorder, drum machine, digital mixer, effects, CD-R/RW drive and more. 

The recorder section provides eight mono tracks and a stereo master track for mixdown. Because each track has ten virtual tracks (V-takes), you can record multiple takes for important parts such as vocals or guitar solos and select the best take later.

The rhythm section provides more than 400 types of accompaniment patterns using the internal drum sound generator. This can be used as independent guide rhythm or in synchronization with the recorder. You can also program a pattern playback sequence to create the rhythm accompaniment for an entire song.

The MRS-802 provides "insert effects" that can be inserted into a specified signal path, and "send/ return effects" that are used via the mixer send/return loop.”

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